LEO Pharma Open Innovation



At LEO Pharma we acknowledge and respect the need for confidentiality, in particular when it comes to disclosing information about compounds of commercial value. Your participation, generated data, conclusions and submitted compounds will be treated with confidentiality. LEO Pharma will not disclose confidential information to any third party (person or entity) or otherwise make known in any manner any part of the research results as related to the submitted compounds without the prior consent from you.


You (the 'Partner') own the generate data and decide whether or not the research result shall be made public. However you should be aware that publishing research result may render any opportunity for a further business relation with LEO impossible. LEO Pharma will only use the information you provide and the generated data for the purpose of evaluating a possible collaboration or business relationship with you.

Structural confidentiality

LEO Pharma Open Innovation will not put any business restraints on the early exploration and we do not require you to disclose the structure of your confidential compounds.

However, should you submit previously known and published compounds where there is no need for confidentiality we ask that you, during a possible follow-up discussion, disclose the structure to facilitate the scientific discussions and conclusion.