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Eczema, or atopic dermatitis, is a chronic, relapsing skin disease affecting up to 30% of children in industrialised countries. The characteristic symptom is the itchy, dry skin lesions which are almost impossible to relieve. Atopic dermatitis is a heterogeneous disorder caused by a complex interplay between genetics and environmental triggers. There is a huge unmet need for new targeted treatments in atopic dermatitis to help patients who are suffering from the disease.


WHAT: Scithon is a 2-day research sprint where teams of 3-4 will explore academic literature and map out potential solutions to atopic dermatitis using artificial intelligence. All teams will have access to Iris.ai during the sprint. The winning team will be selected by a panel of judges and awarded a prize of €5,000.


GOAL: To identify new targets and pathways for treating atopic dermatitis.


WHEN/WHERE: 9:00am 23rd November 2017 until 6:00pm 24th November 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The venue will be DARE2mansion (http://dare2mansion.com/en/home/), at Vermundsgade 13-15, 2100 København Ø. Participants work on-site throughout the sprint.


WHO WE ARE LOOKING FOR: Researchers and students from across research disciplines with a curious mind. Previous experience in the areas of dermatology, immunology or inflammation is not required but might be an advantage.


HOW TO APPLY: Go to eczemascithon.eventbrite.com