LEO Pharma Open Innovation

Open Innovation explained

LEO Pharma Open Innovation is a collaborative space created to explore partnerships and the latest research using disease-relevant in vitro assays as an initial stepping stone towards finding the next generation of treatments for skin disease together. The open innovation platform allows insight and access to some of LEO Pharma's unique research tools in order to test external molecules for disease-relevant effects, but without the obligation to disclose confidential information (such as the structure of your molecule) or to relinquish intellectual property.

As a partner in LEO Pharma Open Innovation, you send us your molecules, without disclosing their names or structures. Some of LEO Pharma’s best scientists test those molecules in a series of disease-relevant assays using state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and our in-house expertise, and we send you the data as soon as we’ve analysed the results. For free. No strings attached. You own the data, and you’re under no obligation to do anything as a result of your participation.

Should the open innovation initiative generate a mutual interest, LEO Pharma can provide the means to take an early discovery idea all the way to the clinic and ultimately to the patients. If the results of the assays look promising from a disease perspective, we will initiate a conversation with you about working together, but nothing will happen until we mutually agree otherwise. Your molecule is completely safe in our hands.

An executive one page summary outlining all the important information is available to download: Executive summary.


How is LEO Pharma Open Innovation different to classic collaborations?


Classical corporate research followed a closed process, focusing solely on internal resources and competences. At LEO Pharma we recognise the many limitations to this approach, so we have developed a strategy to work with external partners in a bi-directional manner, ensuring mutual benefit for both through trust and honesty.

There a few critical aspects that define the platform as open and that enable its purpose - to make it much easier to explore science and collaborative opportunities together.

  1. There is no charge for using our open innovation resources
  2. Your molecules are confidential and safe, you do not need to disclose the strucure
  3. There are no business commitments, so we make no claims on your molecule or your researc
  4. Our science is disclosed so you can fully understand what we are looking for and how the assays work
  5. You own the data that are generated


Looking for new drug research ideas


At LEO Pharma we believe that the distance between the thought "What if.."  to generating scientific data should be as short as possible. We have conducted significant research into patients, understanding their needs and the underlying disease mechanisms, in order to establish relevant in vitro assays capable of assessing the beneficial effects of potential drugs.

With the ultimate goal of developing new treatments for patients with dermatological diseases, LEO Pharma invites you to take make use of our disease-relevant in vitro assays to test your compounds or molecules.

Join us in discovering new treatments for patients with inflammatory skin disorders.