LEO Pharma Open Innovation

Meet the team

Here are some of the people at LEO Pharma who help to make Open Innovation happen:

Niclas Nilsson, MSc, PhD

Title: Head of R&D Open Innovation

Role: Designer and driver of the Open Innovation platform

Skills and Interests: External collaborations, with e.g. Biotechs, Academia and more with extensive hands-on experience with molecular pharmacology.

Would really like..: "to enable open source-driven drug research combining skills, resources and ideas from many different partners that will bring completely new treatment opportunities to patients."

Kim Kjoeller, MD

Title: Executive Vice President LEO Pharma R&D

Role: Executive leadership sponsor of LEO Pharma Open Innovation

Skills and Interests: Strategic R&D initiatives for the future

Would really like..: "to explore new ways to translate novel technologies and research into health solutions."

Tine Skak Nielsen, PhD

Title: Senior Principle Scientist

Role: In vitro pharmacology specialising in functional assays within immunology

Skills and Interests: I like to develop new assays with relevance for human diseases

Would really like..: "to develop an assay and identify hits that show up having a new, unknown mechanism of action."

Peter Scheipers, PhD

Title: Senior Scientist

Role: Scientific evaluation of new opportunites, expert in pathways and targets

Skills and Interests: Thorough understanding of disease biology and treatment mode-of-actions.

Would really like..: "to discover an orally administrated molecule that is highly efficacious in treating psoriasis."

Helen Frost, PhD

Title: Open Innovation Liaison Scientist

Role: Overseeing the smooth running of LEO Pharma Open Innovation

Skills and Interests: Scientific communication and creating partnerships through engaging interactions

Would really like..: "to tell as many people out there as possible about LEO Pharma Open Innovation, to see many more people get the mutual benefit which comes from taking part."