LEO Pharma Open Innovation

Participating from around the world

We are expanding the global footprint of LEO Pharma Open Innovation, and encouraging everyone to take advantage of the opportunity to test your molecules in our disease-relevant, in vitro immunology assays.


Participating in the USA

If you have questions about participating in LEO Pharma Open Innovation from the USA and would like to speak to us directly, please contact Daniel or Kasper. They will happily answer questions you might have about the program.

Daniel Ramirez

Vice President Technology Search & Partnering, LEO Innovation lab, LEO Pharma

Palo Alto, CA

+1 973 309 1603



Kasper Juul

Director, External Innovation, LEO Science & Tech Hub, LEO Pharma

One Broadway, 14th Floor, Cambridge, MA

+1 201 919 6652



Molecules can be shipped at room temperature since the assays are conducted over several days at room temperature or in a 37°C incubator. The vials are relatively robust, so a padded envelope is generally sufficient to keep them safe. We can supply brown glass vials if your molecule is light sensitive.

Vial shipment is at your own expense, but you’re very welcome to use standard mail carriers, because there isn’t a short deadline for us to receive the molecules (six months from the contract execution date). LEO Pharma has an import license from the Danish Medicines Authority which permits us to receive chemicals for research purposes, including those derived from biological sources. Please contact us if you’d like a copy of the license. You should check with your carrier if there are any restrictions on what substances they will transport. Here are links to the restricted/prohibited items from some of the most popular shipping services:

FedEx cross-border restricted & prohibited items:


US Postal Service restricted items:


UPS prohibited items:


Vials should be sent to:

LEO Pharma Open Innovation,

Compound Management,

Industriparken 55,

2750 Bellerup,



If you need to specify a contact person for the shipment, please use Helen Frost. It’s useful (although not essential) for you to let us know when you’ve sent the shipment, however we will always notify you when your shipment arrives here at LEO Pharma Headquarters.

Elsewhere in the world

Local contacts in other parts of the world are coming soon.