LEO Pharma Open Innovation


Unique advanced biological assays

We provide resources in the form advanced biological assays that you can freely access and utilize.
The assays are designed to be used with small molecules dissolved in DMSO, but in some instances we can test alternative modalities, such as large molecules, in water-based vehicles.


We would also like to engage in other ways, exploring science and opportunites. Molecure.ai is an early beta version of a digital assay, a machine learing tool that represents one of the inflammatory keratinocyte assays (cytokine CCL2 release) with a public web interface. Anyone can draw and test a molecules in the virtual laboratory.

Data sets

Assay results from known molecules. We are collecting and testing small focused libraries of publically known molecules. One such library is developed by SGC containing tool molecules to explore biological pathways and targets. We aim to make these data freely available for others. Download the results from testing SGC tool molecules (excel file with chemical probes and data from 2016, we have since updated the assay portfolio).

Example report

All the data our scientists generate when testing your molecules will be compiled into a report. This report contains the raw data, and our evaluation to help you interpret the data. Here you'll find an example report, which was created using real data from our assays.