LEO Pharma Open Innovation

Participate as a Business Representative

The information below is relevant to a Business Representative, including but not limited to, a Business developer, CEO or Tech transfer manager.

LEO Pharma Open Innovation

Our mission is to help people achieve healthy skin, and to do that we need to explore the science behind diseases such as eczema and psoriasis, as well as new treatment options. LEO Pharma Open Innovation allows researchers to submit molecules to be tested for biological effects in advanced cell-based and disease-relevant in vitro assay.

You can read more about the science behind the diseases and assays here but if you’d like a little more help in understanding the background you can ask a question to one of our scientists.

We would like to explore science that can help in identifying new

  1. disease-relevant biological pathways
  2. targets for treatment and
  3. molecules that can be developed further


How to participate and explore science together


We’d love to test your molecules that you have worked on and developed. They could be hits in a relevant assay, optimised leads with a specific biological effect, tool compounds or chemical probes. Knowing the details of the assays we will test your molecules in, you are able to identify opportunities where your molecules and ideas might be relevant. If you believe that that the mechanism which your molecules work by is relevant for some of the assays provided we really want to explore that scientific possibility which could be the first step towards a joint research projector or in-licensing deal. You must keep in mind that the bar is high and it is not easy to generate business interest - but it is possible!


Submitting molecules for testing


Submitting molecules is a simple process.

1. You download the agreement (which will make no claims to your molecules), fill out your affiliation, a nominal name of the molecules and molecular weight. Have your legal representative sign, scan and send to us by email.

2. We will counter-sign the contract and send you vials for shipping the molecules.

3. You return the vials with your molecules to be tested.

4. We will schedule testing and return all data generated upon completion.


The next steps


In most cases, when we analyse the assay results we assess the molecules as being of no interest for further pursuit, however the results will give you a clear understanding of why. With the data, you are perfectly positioned to further explore your molecule with a little more idea of how it works in a disease model, and you can explore how to adjust it (or any other assets you might have) to LEO Pharma’s scientific interests if that’s still important to you. If that’s not relevant, you may want to use your data to support your efforts in securing funding.

It might be possible to collaborate with LEO Pharma as an industry partner when applying for other research grants. Please contact us if you plan to submit a grant application that overlaps with our disease and scientific interest.

If the results from the initial open innovation testing are interesting we could propose a follow-up study where we will commit more and/or alternative resources to further investigate the disease and biological relevance of your molecule(s). Occasionally, after positive results, we can provide enabling funding to a limited extent in order to support a specific task, for example third party testing of molecules in order to generate data necessary to evaluate the opportunity.