LEO Pharma Open Innovation

Bridging the gap betwen the Pharma industry and Academic education

LEO Pharma Open Innovation offers a plug'n play interface to academic education and particularly medicinal chemistry as we believe that bridging the gap is beneficial for all. As the open innovation platform works with open science, open source, and open data without any business obligations, we can provide industry relevant insights and research along with hands-on access to disease-relevant biological testing models.

In detail this boils down to;

  1. disclosure of R&D drug targets, and
  2. know molecules with supportive literature and
  3. their biological effects in advance disease-relevant in vitro assays
  4. testing of molecules created with educational purpose
  5. learn about working with new collaboration models 

For an educational institution with students in chemistry this module adds industry relevance, insights to actual R&D projects and the unique means to work with biological data provided on the students own molecules. 

Up and running

The LEO Pharma Open Innovation Educational module was launched for the first time jointly with the Danish Technial University (DTU) and the department of Chemistry, as well as with SkyLab - the university Makerspace with student access to equipment, workshops and wet labs.

Danish Technical University

The first course with the integration of open innovation: Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry (26426) gives the students an opportunity and challenge to design and create their own JAK inhibitor that is tested in the eczema-relevant in vitro assay. 

In addition, the upcoming Laboratory Course in Organic Synthesis (26416) will be aligned with LEO Pharma Open Innovation to provide full educational benefits and opportunities.