LEO Pharma Open Innovation


Digital Interface Scientist for Open Innovation

We’d like to do more and better – come help us connect to the entire world by building a digital interface for Open Source pharma research!

Need Your Help Creating Digital Research Interface to Open Innovation

The figure illustrates the need for a digital interface between all kinds of global collaborations with the LEO Pharma Open Innovation platform. The arrow to the right side represents LEO pharma and the icons inside are specific tools, activities, or datasets that are used in Research and the Open Innovation platform. We are working towards bridging the gap between these and the external scientists and partners by creating a digital interface.

LEO Pharma Open Innovation is a truly unique and successful collaboration initiative that reaches out to researchers all over the world by sharing pharmaceutical science and capabilities. We are now looking for an essential addition to our team, who will help us improve the interface to the external world.

In this new position, as our Digital Interface Scientist, you will design and develop digital tools that will make LEO research data accessible to our Open Innovation partners, as well as making it easier for others to engage in our Open Innovation activities. Furthermore, you will help us transform the workflow to become transparent and digital, as our ambitions are to work with open science on a global level.


We test others' molecules and need to register, track and handle both supporting information and physical logistics. For the record, we don't actually register the molecular structure of the partner's molecule, as it is important to respect their need for utmost confidentiality and security. Much of what we do (but not everything) circulates around testing molecules and understanding how they work and what they do.


To keep track of what should be done and what has been done we use many different systems and files, e.g. excel, custom made databases and other data files. The majority of files are internal and this is where the practical focus is right now, but we're considering using cloud-systems and also external sources. Converging data sources is something we simply need to do.


To automate some of the processes, we have applied scripting and programming, e.g. using Python, Perl, Excel VBA and R while glancing at more, e.g. Knime. We have realized that we need to add even more competencies in programming as we strongly believe in providing functional digital solutions to connect our internal research activities with the rest of the world. Automation of data handling and tracing processes is really important going forward, but also web features. We need to strengthen our team here!

Biological models

Our expert scientists have established several biological models (in vitro assays) that represent diseases, and these are used to test a molecule's ability to inhibit the disease state, in other words, do we think a certain molecules could be relevant for treating e.g. eczema. These models are offered free of charge to external scientist, companies, universities, and students.

Biological data

The data that are generated in the disease models are analyzed and summarized in reports that are returned to the partner. We strive to present the data in a valuable way that make sense from an outside perspective, but we would like to do even more with the data.


Much of the research data we generate from the biological assays testing ends up in an Oracle database, and this is the most important value we generate for our external partners. Tapping into the database and converting into a scientific communication is part of the process and we will further automate this process.

Artificial Intelligence

We are working on a very exciting (and yet to be announced) project involving the use of Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence as a tool to enhance our scientific engagement with external scientists. The AI-driven tool will be a part of the Open Innovation offerings and our AI experts need help with the implementation and further development.

User Interface

Our website will be transformed into a dynamic tool box and interface for external scientists to engage with LEO research. Going forward, it is important for us to be able to handle even more activities and partners, as well as providing more useful research tools in order to help others help us to find better treatments. We need to strengthen our team here as well!

The World

We engage with many different kinds of scientists and stakeholders all over the world, and will continue to do so, to an even greater extent. Research is international and opportunities are global - we're looking forward to having you come on board and helping us create a digital interface for research that goes beyond borders.

In the autumn of 2018, apply for the position here: https://leopharma.easycruit.com/vacancy/2177565/127513