LEO Pharma Open Innovation

New opportunities

LEO Pharma Open Innovation provides a scientific platform to explore science. We offer easy and free-of-charge testing of your molecules in advanced disease-relevant in vitro assays. Together with you, we are looking to:

  1. Expand our disease understanding by exploring biological pathways and targets
  2. Discover new molecules that could provide a starting point for a Research project
  3. Identify advance molecules that can be progressed towards clinical testing


To do this we provide disease-relevant assays that are not related to specific targets or mode-of-actions.


What we are looking for

We are also introducing the more a campaign-based process where we announce our interest and desire to receive external help in identifying molecules with specific properties, i.e. a selective antagonist to a receptor. Follow the link for a listing of campaigns and specific requests.

We are always looking to test molecules for disease-relevant activity, but occasionally we also would like specific help. Please look below for announcements.


We are specifically looking for:


GPCR antagonist based on new chemical scaffold

to be announced

Molecules to progress for oral treatment of Psoriasis


Molecules to progress for oral treatment of Eczema


New Targets and pathways related to inflammation





We are exploring possibilities to:


Co-develop new disease-relevant in vitro assays 

submit interest