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There is no hackathon planned at the moment.

Below is the descrition, with data and results from the previous hackathon - Using AI to find new drug targets for eczema

Eczema (or atopic dermatitis) is a chronic, relapsing skin disease affecting up to 30% of children in industrialised countries. The characteristic symptom is the itchy, dry skin lesions which are almost impossible to relieve. Atopic dermatitis is a heterogeneous disorder caused by a complex interplay between genetics and environmental triggers. There is a huge unmet need for new targeted treatments in atopic dermatitis to help patients who are suffering from the disease.

At LEO Pharma we believe that anyone can contribute to our scientific research, and we welcome everyone to participate in drug discovery for better eczema treatments. Everyone can read publicly-available scientific literature and should be able to suggest a new possible target to treat eczema. In order to focus on novel targets, LEO will disclose a list of currently known targets. Only novel suggestions will be evaluated and if found scientifically valid a finder’s fee reward will be paid. LEO Pharma does this in order to increase the chances of discovering new targets and treatment opportunities, and to create a more transparent research interface with external science.

Therefore we decided to boost the open target space with an artificial intelligence event

We are capable of looking for obvious scientific literature that states new discoveries, such as biological pathways and targets, related to eczema. We are working on many such projects, but still feel there could be more out there… By using AI, or machine learning, we hope to be able to pick up evidence and scientific data that lie on the outskirts of the ‘obvious’. To do so we need to train an AI tool to identify relevant scientific clues – we ran a science hackathon to explore this.

This eczema hackathon was a 2-day research sprint where teams of 3-4 persons explored academic literature and mapped out potential solutions to atopic dermatitis using Artificial Intelligence (AI). All teams had access to Iris.ai during the sprint. The winning team was selected by a panel of judges and awarded a prize of €5,000.

GOAL: To identify new targets and pathways for treating atopic dermatitis/eczema.

WHEN/WHERE: This event took place on the 23-24 of November 2017 at DARE2mansion (http://dare2mansion.com/en/home/) in Copenhagen, Denmark

The event was facilitated by Iris AI and sponsored by LEO Pharma.

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