LEO Pharma Open Innovation

What is LEO Pharma Open Innovation

LEO Pharma Open Innovation is a collaborative space created to explore partnerships and collaborations in a mutually beneficial and much easier manner. By opening up and allowing external partners insight and free access to some of our disease-relevant biological research models we provide a first stepping stone with larger potential.

In practice, any external partner can have their own molecules tested for disease-relevant effects, but without having to disclose confidential information or giving up intellectual property rigths. With no strings attached, we jointly explore the scientific potential of your molecules and our fully integrated research platform.
We invite you join us in discovering new treatments for patients with skin disorders. Should the open innovation results generate a mutual interest LEO Pharma can provide the means to take an early discovery idea all the way to the clinic and ultimately to the patients.
An executive one page summary is available for download: Executive summary

Looking for new drug research ideas

With the Open Innovation initiative, LEO Pharma seeks to identify and develop early projects that could either continue from a scientific perspective or as in licensing candidates, via the more classic collaboration process through Business Development or Partnership and Alliances.
Collaboration could potentially start with a simple thought:
        “Maybe our new molecules could work…”
Many great ideas start with a simple thought, "Maybe..." and "What if..."
At LEO Pharma we believe that the distance from that thought to actually putting it to the test generating scientific data to support the idea should be as short as possible.
LEO Pharma has investigated significant research into patients, understanding their need and the underlying disease mechanisms in order to establish relevant in vitro assays capable of answering some of the questions.
Our intention is to explore new collaboration possibilities and innovations, but not at the cost of you giving up integrity and ownership of your own molecules.

Please refer to the process page for further details on how to participate and we are excited to explore new science with you!