LEO Pharma Open Innovation

Executive summary

This is a one-page document highlighting the key points of LEO Pharma Open Innovation. This one page is also available for download as a PDF document.

LEO Pharma and Open Innovation

LEO Pharma is a foundation-owned pharmaceutical company focusing on dermatology and skin inflammation and with a well-established product portfolio. LEO Pharma is interested in exploring new opportunities and ways of working with external research partners. To achieve this LEO Pharma has established an open innovation and collaborative space where unique research tools are made available for external partners.

What we offer to our partners

• Testing compounds for free in disease-relevant cell based in vitro assays
• Partner gets full scientific insight into assays used and owns the generated data
• Structural confidentiality is maintained – the compound’s structure does not have to be disclosed
• A first step onto our translational platforms capable of progressing molecules to the clinic
• No binding business commitment – Partner can walk away at any time and are in full control
• Initial focus on collaborative creation of scientific data with no business restrains

What we would like to achieve

• Identification of new molecules that can be used in hit, lead or late stage drug discovery
• Exploration of new pathways and targets by use of pharmacological tool compounds
• Engagement in an open dialogue of business potential based on collaborative science

Who would typically join?

At this point we invite any institution or company (as an example; Biotechs, SMEs, Academic institutions, University groups and also Pharmaceutical companies) to explore the effect of their small molecules in our disease-relevant in vitro assays.

We are excited to be able to offer the open innovation platform and welcome you to join our mission and explore new ways of collaborations to bring innovative treatments to patients!

On behalf of LEO Pharma New Product Discovery and Front End Innovation,