LEO Pharma Open Innovation


The importance of aligned expectations

In order to identify concrete business collaboration LEO Pharma requires considerable positive results, i.e. high efficacy and potency with no significant cytotoxic effect. This way it can be concluded that the positive results most likely are due to a relevant pharmacological effect.

However, it is LEO Pharma's experience that this is not the most common result. Instead most of the compounds tested show low or medium potency and often negative effects on cell viability. Furthermore, it is also possible that a clinical effective test compound affects a pathway or target not present in the current in vitro assays. We mention this in order to align expectations on the possible outcome.

With that said, LEO Pharma also wants to remind you that every now and then new compounds do show interesting scientific results opening up for future collaborations. This is of course what we all desire and wish for.

Should the results not be as favourable LEO Pharma may choose to give feedback on possible ways to improve and forward your compound and strategy in a direction of joint interest.