LEO Pharma Open Innovation


Frequently Asked Questions

What is LEO Pharma Open Innovation?

The LEO Pharma Open Innovation initiative aims to lower the threshold to explore research opportunities between LEO Pharma and external partners. The 'Open' aspect is opening up for external partners to, by their own initiative, explore and participate in using part of LEO Pharma’s drug research tools.

Does 'Open' mean that everything will be revealed to everyone?

No, it does not. 'Open' in this context refers to the open disclosure of a drug research platform and external availability. The participation in LEO Pharma Open Innovation is an agreement between LEO Pharma and the Partner. Your decision, compounds, results and conclusion will not be communicated, unless specifically agreed.

What is the Agreement or MTA?

The contract signed is an agreement between LEO Pharma and the Partner which specifies the details, including securing confidentiality and what we do in the collaboration. The Agreement covers what sometimes is refered to as a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA). It also states that LEO Pharma will not use the compounds in any other way than agreed upon and that the Partner consider some points when agreeing to nominate compounds for testing in the LEO Pharma Open Innovation platform. 

Can anyone participate in Open Innovation?

As long as you are a recognized company or institution and provide the necessary registration information, in principal – Yes! 

However, LEO Pharma can choose not to allow access if the registration criterias are not met, or if there is a potential issues with LEO Pharma code of conduct or business otherwise.

Will you test anything?

The idea with the Open Innovation initiative is to invite external partners to; 1. test compounds they believe will have an effect in the disclosed in vitro assays, and 2. explore science with the intention to further collaborate. 

However, if we for any reason suspect e.g. a hazard issue we will of course not test or handle such a compound.