LEO Pharma Open Innovation

Possibilities and intensions

The LEO Pharma Open Innovation platform enables access to disease-relevant in vitro assays free of charge and You – the Partner – retain ownership of the intellectual property and LEO Pharma shares the data and results with you.

To test for activity we will not ask to see the structure of your confidential compounds or for you to give up any ownership.

What we ask for in return is the possibility to further explore the collaboration or develop a business partnership if we find something of joint interest. Such a continued collaboration could include further profiling and application of LEO Pharma's translational disease platforms including methodology and technology such as:

  • Additional in vitro pharmacology and profiling
  • In vitro 3D skin models
  • Pharmacokinetic evaluations
  • In vivo disease models
  • Pre-clinical toxicology
  • Clinical testing