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Join us in discovering new treatments for inflammatory skin diseases

LEO Pharma Open Innovation is a unique collaborative platform to explore partnerships and the latest research using our proprietary scientific resources - applying transparency, respect and mutual benefits in the collaboration model.

There are three main focused entry points:

Testing molecules

We will test your molecules in advanced disease-relevant bioassays.
At no cost, without business obligation and you own the data.
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We offer an easy plug'n play module to apply pharmaceutical Open Innovation at universities and other educational institutions.
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Discovery Highlights

We are looking for partnerships and collaborations in specific areas of focus.

Currently, we're looking for partners with PPI capabilities.

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"The Open Innovation program of LEO is certainly admirable and commendable of international collaborations to advance research and science across borders"

Dr. Zengquan Wang, CEO of Technoderma Medicines in China. 

“LEO Pharma offers a unique opportunity via their Open Innovation Platform for industry partners to test proprietary compounds. We found the collaboration and platform very valuable to advance our projects and to expand our current indications without compromising IP.”

- Yiumo Michael Chan, PhD, Head of Medical Research 
TWi Biotechnology, Taiwan

"Being able to freely access advanced biological assays without prior negotiation and in complete confidence is invaluable to us."

- Dr. George Nicola, Ph.D., MBA. Founder and CTO of Repurpose.AI 

“LEO Pharma acts as a supportive collaborator via their Open Innovation platform. We are very fortunate to have found partnering with LEO Pharma Open Innovation, enabling direct access to its collections of internal dermatological drug screening assays.”

- Dr. Chengwei Luo, PhD, Founder, President and CEO, DeepBiome Therapeutics

"LEO Pharma Open Innovation has allowed us to explore the use of our novel anti-inflammatory molecules beyond ophthalmology."

Dr. Ryo Kubota, MD, PhD, Chairman, President and CEO of Kubota Vision Inc.

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