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Why you should 

Partner with us

The platform we offer is a simple way to explore if your molecules have any scientific relevance for skin inflammation. We will test your molecules in our in-house advanced disease-relevant bioassays. You receive all the data without any business obligations and are not asked to disclose the structure of your molecules. 

Our end goal is to connect with potential partners who are pursuing research that has the potential to lead to innovative new prescription medicines for skin inflammatory diseases.

Below are a few examples of why you should partner with LEO Pharma Open Innovation.

Biotechnology Companies
Use our Open Innovation platform to explore new disease relevance and potential markets for your existing assets. The data we generate can be added to your asset data package, used in patents and publications and freely communicated. Or, you can simply test if your molecule or drug target of interest has an effect in our inflammatory bioassays.

Universities and Academic Institutions
We can provide the industry perspective and generate new disease-relevant data to publish or help design novel chemistry. You can also access our disease-relevant bioassays for target identification and early validation for testing chemical probes.
In addition we provide real laboratory data for molecules being designed and synthesised as part of university educational programs.

Pharmaceutical Companies
You can easily explore new business opportunities for your existing pipeline assets. We value building relationships with other pharma companies.

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