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Testing Molecules

LEO Pharma Open Innovation offers free testing of undisclosed molecules in several advanced bioassays relevant for inflammation. This enables the discovery of novel chemistry of both early and late-stage drug molecules as well as drug target exploration and validation using tool molecules.

Our disease-relevant inflammatory bioassay toolbox currently include (but maybe be subject to change):

Sorry! We are currently focusing on existing partnerships and are not able to sign new open innovation agreements.
Please check back later.

Keratinocyte CCL2 release assay

Primary human keratinocytes are stimulated with IL-4, IL-13, IL-22 and IFN-gamma into a state of eczema-relevant inflammation resulting in an increased secretion of the CCL2 cytokine. We test your molecule for its ability to inhibit the inflammation by reducing CCL2 secretion.

More about the CCL2 keratinocyte assay.

T-cell inflammation assay

Primary human CD4+ T-cells are presented with beads coated with CD2, CD3 & CD28 antibodies to induce an string inflammatory response, which is detected as an increase in IL-2 & IL-4 secretion. We test your molecule for its ability to inhibit this inflammatory response.

More about the IL-2 and IL-4 T-cell assay.
Illustration of a skin-derived  cell interacting with a fibroblast.

Skin-derived T cells and Fibroblasts assay 

This unique and advanced skin inflammation co-culture assay is currently being finalized and estimated to come online during the second half of the year. Skin-derived T cells are combined with fibroblasts to capture inflammatory cell-to-cell interactions.

Assay not online.

New assay in development

Additional assays are being developed and will be online later this year.

Assay not online.

The critical contractual points in the open innovation agreement

We believe in transparency, trust and mutual benefits to optimize collaborations. Our agreement includes:

  The structure of your molecules remains secret
  No business obligations - you are in full control all throughout the process
  Disclosing the science  - you know how the molecules are tested
  You own all the data that we generate while testing your molecules
  This service is free of charge

The process explained in 4 steps:                                                

1. Signing of the user agreement.
2. Ship your molecules in the provided vials.
3. We test your molecules in our laboratories.
4. Receive a report with all the data and results.

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