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Keratinocyte IL-8 release assay

Primary human keratinocytes (skin cells) are stimulated with a combination of TNF-alpha and IL-17 to induce a psoriasis-relevant response, detected as an increase in IL-8 release. Your compound is tested for the ability to inhibit the inflammatory response, measured as an inhibition of IL-8 levels. Cell viability is also assessed, as a measure of general compound cytotoxicity.

Download the assay protocol.

The Keratinocyte IL-8 release assay procedure

The assay utilizes primary human keratinocytes seeded in a 384-well microtiter plate and stimulated with the two cytokines IL-17 and TNF-alpha in order to induced secretion of the proinflammatory cytokine IL-8. The test molecule, dissolved in DMSO, is added in different concentrations and after 72 hours the IL-8 levels, as well as the cell viability is measured as the final end point.

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